Pioneer Academy


Founder's Message

Founder's message I am Jitender Pioneer, Founder of Pioneer Academy which has become a renowned name in the world of competitive exams. I have been in this teaching World since 1991. When Pioneer Academy was started since before there was no competitive Institution in West Delhi. Students used to travel 30-40 km daily for coaching and in this green belt area, people used to think getting a government job is impossible without a bribe or favour that time we started Pioneer Academy and break this myth. It was started from our home, by the hard work of Director Mam, Mrs Madhu Pioneer, we started this institute and because we were the first competitive Institute in our area so we named it Pioneer Academy, Pioneer means first in his field. Our tagline " We Nurture The Excellence" absolutely clears our vision "हम उत्कर्षता का पोषण करते है ". We thank our starting batches of students who trusted us and become part of Pioneer. We also thank our strong faculty team and their hard work for the sake of the golden future of our beloved students. Whatever I was taught in my student life, I share all with my students and that is most important to achieve their goals.
Jitender Pioneer